A fresh start?

As we all embark on the first year of a new decade, and as I embark on my first blog, it is important to think about how we will remember the last decade and how we will choose to live the next. While the first decade of the new century was characterized by the Iraq war and the politics and policies of the Bush Administration, the new decade offers a new cast of characters.

As a student of public relations and political science at the University of Oregon, and a senior about to graduate and enter “the real world,” I am truly fascinated by the public relations blunders, crises and successes that political figures and political issues are constantly entangled in. Reactive public relations seems to be the norm in political life, versus positive, proactive action working to strengthen relationships with constituencies, not repair broken ones. Communication is so important in every aspect of politics, from initial image management to campaign strategy to reelection, and yet proper and effective communication is often thrown to the wayside. In an age of social media, an image, career, campaign or issue can be championed or destroyed in a matter of seconds, and yet the power of social media is often ignored or misunderstood.

I am excited to explore a host of political issues through a public relations lens in this blog. While there is no shortage of partisan blogs attacking the left, right and other political leanings, little discussion centers around the power of communication, and how the communication taking place in politics largely shapes our attitudes of major issues in society. I hope that this blog will contribute a different perspective, and readers will be able to look at politics from a slightly different view than they are used to.


One Response to A fresh start?

  1. Pat Lampton says:

    Articulate comments on the changing world of communications and how it can be used.

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